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Confession: I Was “Intimate” With Presidential Pooch Bo

I have a breaking story, a shocking escapade that will shake America to its very core. I, Dollar, had an intimate relationship with First Dog Bo. The Obama family wanted me to keep quiet but you can’t deny love!¬†

Don’t believe me?¬†Here’s a photo of us smooching.

I added the heart in as not to offend any kids in the room.

Okay, tell the kids to leave the room because here’s a candid photo he snapped of me with his iBone. (So naughty!)

Our relationship burned fast and bright and neither of us have anything to be ashamed of. I cared deeply for that suave doggie and he for me, but circumstances beyond our control forced us to part ways. Plus, the secret service detail was starting to annoy me.

Whew, I feel better now. I’m sure Bo will feel the same. In fact, I think he’s about to hold a press conference now.

"ARF! I love Dollar! She’s cute and cuddly and I love her so much." <smooch, smooch, smooch>